This interactive workshop helps people become more confident and persuasive presenters, quickly. We help participants recognize their strengths and develop­ ment opportunities through actvity-based learning, practice, video and in-the-moment coaching, we help them develop their own speaking style that is persua­ sive, natural and effective.


This workshop is perfect for Leaders and Professionals with experience of presenting,  who want to improve their communication delivery style and the impact of their business presentations.


• how to analyze your audience

• the technique  of killing opening and how to prepare the content in 3 simple papers

• the technique  how to captivate the audiences as soon as you show up on stage

• how to communicate with keywords

• how to address  each important message/ topic that would activate and trigger the audience to take action

• how to leave the floor with  key take away or call for action statement  as well as how to land your presentation impressively.

• how to manage your stress & raise confidence

• how to set context to win even before the presentation starts

• how to engage participations & interactions

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